A new addition to meurergraphics.com

Check out my new project blog on meurergraphics.com.  I will be using this new blog to post updates on current projects as they are completed.  These posts will also be posted simultaneously to all of my social media outlets as well.

These posts are more than just a cordial update.  I hope that seeing a timeline of progress from concept to finished product as well as the design process will help new customers have a better feel of what to expect from my services.  Some projects like new logo design can go through many revisions before finding the perfect fit for a client.  Others are immediately happy with the first concept.  The creative process is different for every client and I hope these posts help to demonstrate that.

I also hope to demonstrate the benefits of hiring a professional graphic designer for all of your marketing outlets as opposed to the do-it-yourself approach with templates and clip art.  Or worse.. spending hours trying to design an aesthetically pleasing logo, flyer or business card in Microsoft Word or Paint or some online design wizard.  Those tools serve their purpose very well. Unfortunately, their purpose was never to be a professional design tool.

A graphic/web designer has the right tools and abilities/talent to produce a better end product in less time, which in the end save the client time, money and stress.

Worried about cost? As stated in my mission statement, my niche market is small business.  My goal is to provide high-quality services to companies who don’t have a budget to go out and hire a design firm.  With over 10 years of experience in graphic design, web design, and photo/image editing, I can provide what many individual freelancers and big design firms cannot; a solid brand image across all mediums at a reasonable price.

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