United Taxi Business Card Demo

If you live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area and need a taxi service, look no further!  My good friend Junior is relocating his business United Taxi to the Fort Wayne area in the near future.  With the change of location, it was necessary to update his business cards.  Unfortunately, he did not have the original artwork for his logo, so step one was to recreate his logo from a picture of the decal on his taxi. Once the logo was recreated, Junior asked for a business card design that was eye-catching and modern.   He also wanted two sides, one in English and oneRead More →

Logo: Xitlali from Gold Star Property Management found my store on Etsy and purchased a custom logo and business card package.  In our first discussion about ideas for her logo she said maybe commercial buildings could be incorporated into the design since that would have a literal connection with her company type.  Also, she definitely wanted a gold color in the logo to go with the business name and a dark or royal blue to match.  Below are the first concepts based on that conversation:Later, she decided to scrap the building idea and sent me an example of a scroll decorative font she wanted toRead More →

Check out my new project blog on meurergraphics.com.  I will be using this new blog to post updates on current projects as they are completed.  These posts will also be posted simultaneously to all of my social media outlets as well. These posts are more than just a cordial update.  I hope that seeing a timeline of progress from concept to finished product as well as the design process will help new customers have a better feel of what to expect from my services.  Some projects like new logo design can go through many revisions before finding the perfect fit for a client.  Others areRead More →